Laguiole 100% french cutlery

What about us?

Laguiole Village grew out of a collaboration between 2 people: F Blandinieres 40 years’ experience in the aeronautical industry) and C Capelle (co-founder over 25 years ago of a renowned brand of Laguiole knives).

From the very beginning, Laguiole Village opted for creation and innovation.


The parts of Laguiole knives are cut with water and sand, an environmentally-friendly manner that allows us to adapt our production and achieve a better quality. The steel is not deformed, unlike with cutting by stamping. Our pieces cut to the exact millimetre allow a better quality mounting.


This type of process is used to create new models, and is also possible for small quantities, something which is impossible with cutting by stamping because the technicals represent a very significant cost for small amounts.


Laguiole Village filed a patent andis now the first and only knife-maker to manufacture table knives with forged bees. The Laguiole folding knife with its forged bee has existed for a long time, but we are the only knife-maker that has risen to the challenge for the Laguiole table knife.

Mrs. Capelle Blandinières career

It is no coincidence that Mrs Capelle Blandinières currently heads up of Laguiole Village. Originally from a famous Laguiole knives brand, she has been active in cutlery for 25 years, true to her North Aveyron origins. Passionate about the cutlery tradition from her native territory, it was in 1992 that Cathy Capelle Blandinières began in this profession. It is truly by travelling around the world, participating in many international fairs and various other commercial missions that Cathy forged the Laguiole reputation. With solid export experience seniority in this industry, and expertise, Cathy proudly wears the Laguiole Village brand image.

Cathy has the drive to give the Laguiole knife a second wind in order to remain a legendary knife, all the while enjoying a new youth.

Francis Blandinières, from aeronautical to cutlery


Combining handicraft and aeronautical techniques is the huge challenge that Francis Blandinières decided to begin. In 2013, after 20 years in this career, this aviation enthusiast decided to settle in Espalion and begin manufacturing and assembling …. Laguiole knives. This skill was a totally different skill to that of his background, but h one whose techniques were familiar to him.

He has controlled the mechanical part of manufacturing since he was very young. Francis uses technical aeronautical and automotive processes. Moreover, he is a true creator.