Laguiole Village, choice of quality

3 kind of steel used for our blade


Sandvik 14C28N is the last knife steel developed in the Sandvik range.

The optimized chemistry provides superior knife steel, high hardness blade and good corrosion resistance.

This new category is the highest achievable hardness without affecting the microstructure.



Martensitic stainless steel simultaneously offers perfect corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion resistance and a high cut quality.

Developed for aeronautics, it is also used in the areas of surgery and watchmaking.

Thanks to its thin structure, we obtain a high level of hardness that allows us to obtain a fine edge during sharpening.

Given that it is enhanced with nitrogen and lacks carbon, the corrosion resistance is consequently increased. The hardness reaches 58 HRC, hence the name HV680 which is its Vickers hardness.


The Damascus blade has a legendary reputation: very beautiful and very resistant. The carbon content and a skilful forging explain its quality.


Damascus steel is made from several metals and steels which are combined into one by bending or twisting. Thanks to the movement given to the steel by bending or twisting, the blade reveals these patterns so particular and thin that make its elegance.


Laguiole Village offers knives with Damascus Carbon steel blade and also with Damascus Stainless Sandwich blade. The latter is a blade made for us by a Japanese craftsman as part of a partnership. It is characterized by its edge equal to a razor.

 Nature Collection

Nature collection stands for the origins of the Aubrac plateau, therefore is constituted exclusively with products made from wood and horn. The headlights and representative elements of our magnificent region remain nature with its abundant forests which changed over the seasons and also its cows with make-up eyes called Aubracs.

Matched woods

The manufacture of Laguiole Village matched woods products is done with respect to the Washington Convention or CITES. We use no endangered wood.

Box tree


The horn consists of two distinct parts: horn tip and pressed horn. The first as its name suggests it is located at the end of the horn. This part is solid and therefore more robust and resistant than the rest of the horn which is hollow. It is this second part of the horn that once heated and compressed gives the pressed horn.

Pointe-de-corne-blonde-2.jpgBlond horn tip
Pointe-de-corne-noire-2.jpgBlack horn tip
Pointe-de-corne-presse-2.jpgPressed horn

Watercolor collection


The CRYLUX is a synthetic glass, an acrylic with amazing properties:

– Transparent: as transparent as the crystal (92% light transmission).
– Resistant: 10 times stronger than glass.
– Light: 2 times lighter than glass.
– Sustainability: totally recyclable.
– Dishwasher safe

Performance collection

carbon fiber

Carbon is characterized by links in shades of grey

The carbon fiber is composed of agglomerates carbon atoms which form microscopic crystals. The aligning of those crystals allows the carbon fiber high strength. Several thousand carbon fibers are wound together to form a thread.

– Resistant
– Flexible
– Fine / No bulky
– Quality aspect

G10 - Fibreglass

G10 for it has small black scales

G10 is a fabric of fiberglass’s layers with an epoxy resin.

– High impact resistance 
– Sustainable 
– Resistant to humidity 
– Quality aspect

POM - Polyacetal

POM is smooth black material

Polyacetal is an opaque semi-crystalline material. Its natural colour is white but it is often coloured.

– Light
– Shockproof
– Resistant to humidity 
– Quality aspect

Globe-Trotter collection

The Globe-Trotter collection’s main feature is the variety of products it offers.

Indeed, for each product, a panel of materials will be suggested.

Laguiole Village may also fulfill any special requests either in the choice of the handle or the blade. We produce ourselves the Laguiole knives with Damascus Carbon steel blades.

In addition, we have a partnership with a Japanese craftsman, Masashi, which performs for us blades in Damascus Stainless Sandwich (SLD steel, Rockwell 60-62). These blades are unique and perfect edge.