Customisation service

Because each person is unique, Laguiole Village offers a customisation service for your knife. Indeed, thanks to the equipment available to us we can customise Laguiole Village knives according to your needs and desires.

Make it your very own Laguiole and design a knife that suits you most. A blade, a handle, a spring, a bee, a finish, an engraving. Let your imagination take flight! Laguiole Village will take care of your wishes!

The procedure to follow is easy: just contact us! Whether by telephone or by email, we will offer you support in creating YOUR knife. You can also draw your plan or create a prototype in any way and bring it to us. Our only limit is your imagination.

Thanks to our workshop, Laguiole Village can be very flexible and can create your knives upon request in one unique piece or in thousands of copies, as per your request.

Thanks to our laser machine, we do not just customise the products according to your request but we also deliver to you in record time.  The engraving of the steel being a production step that we perform ourselves, we sav time for your greatest satisfaction.


The picture above shows you our 8 Imagine springs. The 8 springs are available for all of our 12cm 1-piece models in the Globe-Trotter collection.

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